China is often confusing trying to work out which is the best platform to sell your products through. The strict certification and rules that the Chinese Government have are constantly changing. This can make it near impossible as a brand owner to navigate your way through the processes and ensure you are adhering to the latest regulations. Failure to follow the Chinese Government guidelines can land you in some trouble.

AU Life can provide you with all the up to date information on selling to China and advise you on the best path for your brand. We support eCommerce sales on major platforms as well as General Trade distribution through mainstream retail and supermarkets. We also have 4 exclusive AU Life ‘Australian and New Zealand Pavilions’ which sell both General Trade and eCommerce products through O2O (offline to online).

1. Cross Border eCommerce (online channels)

Cross Border eCommerce (CBEC) is a relatively new initiative by the Chinese Government to help regulate the flow of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) into China. The Chinese Government recognises that they cannot support China’s need for FMCG goods and that quality overseas products fill this gap but understands it needs to regulate and control this flow of goods and also benefit from the taxes this channel generates.

CBEC enables retailers and brands of all sizes to sell to consumers in China, without having to go through the rigorous certification requirements that are needed to sell through General Trade. This means CBEC is a great way to test the market in China with minimal set up, and AU Life can have you selling in China within a few days compared to General Trade which could take over 12 months to gain the correct certification for you to start selling.

AU Life International will handle all of the CBEC regulations, listings and manage your logistics so that you are able to remain focused on growing your business. We have a number of different platforms and options to suit your brand, and you can utilise our comprehensive monthly marketing program to drive your sales.

2. General Trade Sales in China (offline channels)

Products that are suitable for General Trade certification are able to be sold in bricks and mortar retail stores in China. AU Life has an extensive retail distribution network in China and can assist your brand to enter into the supermarkets and other retail outlets.

We can also help you with certification of your products with CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) ensuring you have all the right paperwork for General Trade.

3. Hunan Province Program: AU Life Exclusive ‘Australia & New Zealand Pavilions’ (O2O and General Trade)

Our new initative for 2020 is the Hunan Program. AU Life International has signed a groundbreaking contract with Changsha Municipal Government to be the exclusive distributor of all Australian and New zealand products flowing through 4 main retail hubs in the Hunan Province. This gives our brands direct access B2C sales and also B2B sales. AU Life has been awarded significant support from the Changsha Municipal Government for the 4 ‘Pavilions’ and we are honoured to be chosen to represent the best of Australian and New Zealand brands.

Hunan Province eCommerce Experience Centre (B2C)

“Hunan Cross-border eCommerce Experience Centre” is a provincial-level platform established by Hunan Northern Europe Investment Management Co. Ltd in Changsha, with the approval of the Department of Commerce, Hunan Province.

The centre will house an imported merchandise display floor for consumers to come test, try and buy CROSS BORDER and GENERAL TRADE imported products from around the world. This exciting new project will give our clients access to B2C and B2B sales in China. The shop floor will be equipped with the latest technology Virtual Reality equipment allowing consumers in China to see our brands in a simulated 3D experience, maybe educating them on where the products are grown or the story behind the brand.

Gaoqiao Grand Market (B2B)

Gaoqiao is recognised as China’s premier wholesale centre specialising in food and beverage as well as other categories such as hotel supplies, medical supplies and international products which are effortlessly dispatched nationally across China through well established supply chains. 

Shayoyang Imported Goods Bonded Exhibition Centre (B2B & B2C)

Shayoyang is an ASEAN matchmaking platform and CBEC platform provides a one stop ‘experienced based’ exhibition integrating cultural experience and commodity consumption. maybe educating them on where the products are grown or the story behind the brand.

Xiantang Comprehensive Bonded Zone (B2B & B2C)

Favourable tax incentives and full support given by the Hunan Government this CBEC platform and trading hub includes an ‘Imported Meat Designated Inspection Platform’. The Government support has committed to expedite the development of e-Commece and provide a fast custom clearance process.

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