Taking your business global should be a decision you make once you have established your business domestically and have a solid customer base. China is no different, do not be lured by the population numbers, data and excitement.

Being prepared is an essential first step to China market entry. We can help you with a range of services to asisit you to to ‘hit the ground running’. 

Trademarks and IP

Registering your brand’s trademark in China must be done before moving forward. Protecting your brand with trademark should be done as soon as possible as China is a ‘first to file’ system. This prevents others registering your trademark which is a common problem for brands just starting out in China. 

Having this IP protection means you are able to file complaints about misuse of your trademark with platforms such as AliExpress. Without trademark you risk your entire brand reputation and will be forced into costly court battles or even have to pay extortionate amounts to get your brand identity back. It’s just not worth the risk and at AU Life International we can help you with all your trademark applications, taking care of all the paperwork and taking the hassle out of the process for you.

It is suggested that you register your brand name in English, your logo and your translated Chinese brand name. This allows you protection against using your logo in 7 different ways:

AU Life’s trademarking service provides cost effective packages to get your brand protected. Enquire below and we will help you take the stress  out of IP protection in China.

Competitive Analysis Reports

Before entering any new market you must do your research on other competitive products and establish where your brand sits in the market. We can provide you with a comprehensive report which looks at your price, product and positioning compared to other similar brands and products currently selling on the major eCommerce channels in China. We look at international brands as well as Chinese domestic brands so you can get a snapshot of the market before you enter.

EMDG Grants

The Export Market Development Grant program (also known as Export Grants) is an assistance program administered by Austrade and is available to help exporters market and promote their products overseas.

To be eligible for the EMDG program, an exporter needs to have the capacity to export or be exporting, promote eligible products and pay for the eligible promotional expenses.

Austrade will reimburse up to $150,000 with a minimum of $5,000 if you meet the eligibility criteria.

We are partnered with Erik Anderson from Grant Central to provide you the latest information on EMDG Grants so you get the maximum rebate on our services. For more information on eligibility and details on how much you can potentially claim back from export activities please contact us.

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