Comprehensive Marketing Services

To support sales on our AU Life eCommerce and General Trade platforms in China we provide brands with a comprehensive marketing program which includes a number of online marketing activities as well as offline events to support your brand’s sales.

Our marketing services include:

  • Brand localisation services
  • Translation, design and brochure  services
  • Product listings and management on our eCommerce platforms
  • Translate and create content to post to Chinese social media
  • WeChat official account set up and management
  • Red Book (Xiaohongshu) official account set up and management
  • Social engagement with Daigou groups
  • RedBook influencer marketing
  • Media releases on major websites
  • Live-Streaming with TaoBoa KOLs (influencers)
  • KOC campaigns
  • Short video marketing
  • Partner gift store and chemist program (Australia)
  • Website and landing page design
  • Placement of products in O2O (offline to online) retail stores (China)
  • Brand management in Australia and China
  • Monthly reporting

Chinese Brand Localisation Services

Chinese social media and Western social media are very different. A Chinese consumer may not perceive  your brand in the same way it’s reflected on Facebook and Instagram. It’s important to have the look and ethos of your brand professionally ‘translated’  in China to keep your branding in line with your brand story. We can professionally translate taglines and logos as well as look at the overall brand positioning and give advice on any changes that may be needed for your China campaigns.  

Translation, Listing and Brochure Design

Translation is one of the most important factors in your marketing to China. Bad translation can ruin a brand as the Chinese consumers will see this as a negative and create a disconnect. Good translation flows and tells a story which connects with your consumers to build trust. Our in-house team of professional translators know your products and brand ethos and this creates a consistent brand story across all media in China.

We can also design and print your marketing flyers and posters at a competitive price. Looking for listing designs? Our in house design team will work with you to create your listing designs and make them look informative and enticing to drive your sales online.

A3 Posters

Listing Design

Daigou Marketing

Part of AU Life’s strategy is to utilise the Daigou market. We have over 30,000 Daigou located in Australia who are members of our platforms. This means we can multiply a brands reach in China by using these mini distributors to share content and drive sales. Daigou are incentivised by profit and our integrated referral system on our platforms allows our Daigou to seamlessly earn commission on sales which creates a win-win situation for brands and Daigou.

KOL Influencer Marketing

Influencers in China are called KOLs (key opinion leaders) . They are highly regarded by consumers and will follow their favorite KOLs and most importantly listen to their opinions and more than likely buy the products they recommend. AU Life has a catalogue of KOLs we can utilise to promote your products to the right audience to drive sales.

AU Life provides a catalogue of domestic and China  based KOLs across all categories such as:

  • Food and beverage
  • Mum and baby
  • Skincare and cosmetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Pets
  • Travel

Live Streaming

Live-Streaming is one way to boost exposure effectively without breaking the bank. In the West we have no idea how popular the ‘Live-Streaming’ concept really is in China and can only compare it to the old ‘shopping channels’ which were popular in the 90’s. As many other platforms in China ‘Live-Streaming’ has morphed into a whole new concept which is efficient and targeted to the masses.

AU Life provides brands with regular live streaming sessions with TaoBao KOLs (influencers). This results in sales and builds trust with the consumers in China.

Watch more about live streaming now:

Offline Events

Offline touch points are a crucial part of your China strategy. AU Life arranges a number of events in Australia, Europe and China for our clients to engage with KOLs (influencers) Daigou and distributors:

  • We regularly represent our clients at EXPOs in China and overseas to support distribution and sales.

2019 CFCE (China International Food & Catering Expo, Hunan, China)

AliExpo Sydney 2019

Brand Activation Events

  • Our brand activation events are our most popular events and bring together brand owners, KOLs (influencers), VIP Daigou and key stakeholders to endorse products available through our online and offline channels.
  • Brand trips to China give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and get a feel for the market and get to know the Chinese consumer. Also visit our offices, warehouses and retail spaces in China and learn more about the process of General Trade and Cross Border eCommerce.

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